‘Amhrán Na Farraige’ An exhibition of painting by Esther O'Kelly

The idea that our coastline is shaped by the unseen forces of the wind inspires me. It makes me think of the complex beauty of nature at work, and how that  mirrors our own inner workings. This place where four seasons can be born and die in a day. I feel alive and perceptive to the wild elements that awaken me. I sense the hidden elements below the familiar skin of this place called home. I see the invisible. I see how the wind speaks to the surface of the sea, how it makes the waves and how it brings the language of the sea to life. I hear it in the dunes, along strands, whistling around buoys and rock and singing reeds.

This exhibition celebrate the natural beauty of our rugged coastline the dwelling places dotted along it and the lives lived on our shores. It seeks to ignite our curiosity and imagination, to wonder at the mystery of life, to explore what is beyond the illusion and discover the unseen reality of who we truly are. Each piece follows the raw beauty and lines of the coast, vibrant colours and forms that seek to capture a memory and evoke a sense of place. 

Through my work I try to create my home as a metaphysical space, I ground myself within this space and subsequently I've come to find home in my work.

The exhibition runs from June 30th - 21st July at The Pig Yard Gallery, Wexford.

Image by Kelly McAlllister

Image by Kelly McAlllister