Artist Launch at Pigyard

Gorgeously colourful abstract canvases by emerging artist Esther O'Kelly.

In the same way that a flower fragrance or a tune takes us back to a special place and time, the Belfast- based artist uses her paintings to explore familiar memories and experiences, at once universal and personal, of growing up in Rosslare. This is O'Kelly's second one person show at the Pigyard. We have great hopes for her fine art career and viewing is recommended.


Esther O'Kelly and author Cat Hogan, guest speaker at Esther's exhibition of paintings, 'To & Fro in My Dreams', which opened on Friday. Two Wexford artists who share a maritime background.

Just for one day. The 20th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement as depicted by Esther O’Kelly


‘Keening is a traditional form of vocal lament for the dead. In Ireland and Scotland it is customary for women to wail or keen at funerals. Keening has also been used as part of civil disobedience and protest.’ 

‘Keening’ is a collection of paintings informed by my own experience of living in Belfast in the shadow of conflict. Using memory and intuition, the work intends to evoke the everyday spirit of Belfast, to define our sense of place and community. These paintings look beyond the illusion of talks and deals to everyday life. They explore the raw beauty of who we are, our basic need to live in peace, in this place where the violent echoes of our past are still reverberating. 

I see The Good Friday Agreement as a vessel that holds the grief of a community in escrow. These paintings explore our fragile human state, how we experience loss and how we haveagreed to place our trust in such a fragile concept as a peace deal. The Good Friday Agreement honours our connection to the past and promises to shape our future, but Stormont now stands as an abandoned house. All the while lives are lived and lost, children have come and gone, family life continues to be sucked into the passage of time and the precious moments we live for are fleeting.  

The venue for ‘Keening’ is Joan’s Hair Salon. A place where everyday life takes place, where we laugh, gossip, cry and grieve. A place at the heart of our community, a place to be vulnerable. A place where we reveal the hidden elements below the skin of this place called home. 


Belfast Bankers Group Show

Saturday November 18th our studio take over Framewerk Gallery. Featuring the paintings, sculpture, photography and sound stylings of the Belfast Bankers.


Hit The North, Collaboration.

Hit the North was a great success, full credit to Seedhead Arts for pulling off such a fantastic festival. Over 40 Local and International artists painting the streets of Belfast during Culture Night! what a buzz. I painted a wall on Kent Street, it lasted a few hours before being bombed. While I'm not impressed with the Clandestine tagging of my work, Neuf got there before me, albeit a week after I was first assigned the wall.

Neuf Said.

CAPTURED: Rich, Rugged and Fresh, Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast, Review.

Sincere thanks to Slavka Sverakova who took the time to review our Belfast Bankers Group Show. 

Here is a little of what she had to say, full review listed below.

'Esther O’Kelly exhibited four paintings, installed on two walls of a corner. Bachelard infused corners with added poetry, so I am inclined to note each separately and as a group.

the titles suggest  that any narrative I may attach to viewing it should not share the same root – one connects to an opera, the other to an ocean . Is it visible?  I sense that it does not aim to insist on the title to determine the visual thoughts locked in the hues, tonality and brushstrokes.  This painter’s personal palette connects more to art than to observed nature.   In the way she positions  difference over the whole, however, is responsive to the timing in an opera  made of many defines parts clearly delineated,  and an ocean as powerful unity of its, mostly hidden, parts.  One is open to narrative exploration of differences, the other overwhelms by  hiding them under the surface of oneness.  A plausible register of possibilities.  I cherish the power  of both paintings to make visible the moment of  a hue asserting its presence without a conflict.  The open divided brushstroke accepts the calmer  fluency of the others, even when provoked by clashing lines of a bigger shape.  But in there is a notable knot: what if it muddles the visual poetry of the whole?  One possible outcome is the successful  grounding the imagined in the remembered. obse  I sense that  this painter never holds the memory responsible, preferring invention, fresh   opening up to dreaming up  relationship among the  brushmarks. . A sort of spanner in the works- if the works are expected to tell of a past experience Instead – the paintings evoke an experience of  making up playful multiple meanings.'

 Opera Festival 120cm x 100cm

Opera Festival 120cm x 100cm


'Mighty Ocean Deep' 50 x 70cm


This year's headliners Nomad Clan, Dan Kitchener and Irony are joined by KVLR, Friz, JMK, Visual Waste, Emic, Verz, Rob Hilkin, Conor McClure, DMC, Tweet, Glen Molloy, Leo Boyd, Jess Tobin, Faigy, Caoilfhionn, Hanton, Lisa Murphy, The Drif (New York), KinMX (Mexico), Iljin, Marka Mix (Southy Africa), Aches, Emma Blake, Artista, Sophie Robson, Voms, ADW, Rask, Cheba, Sil, Le Bas, Easi, Noys, FGB, Esther O’Kelly and Art by Eoin.

And there's more than just live street art. Here's the full timetable for this year's Hit the North Festival

7-24 September - The Hit the North Exhibition - The National

4-8pm Live Painting across the Cathedral Quarter.

8-11pm Real Sketchy at the Dirty Onion
A super-sized version of our regular drink and draw night where we'll be projecting your sketches on the side of a building

2-4pm Hit the North Conference at Community Arts Partnership

Hear the stories and inspiration behind some of the artists painting at this years festival.

4-8pm Live Painting across the Cathedral Quarter.

4-10pm The Big Woolly Wall on North Street
A giant Brick themed yarn-bomb

8pm-late Hit the North Closing Party at Underground Records
with headliner Adesse Versions


Hit the North is a project of the Community Arts Partnership who work with Seedhead Arts to deliver the project. It is made possible thanks to the support of Becks, Belfast City Council, Arts & Business, Community Relations Council and the Dept of Communities. Hit the North is also only made possible with the support of HSS, Ink Monkey, The Black Box, The Sunflower, Aether & Echo and a long list of artists and individuals.

 Image: Campbell Photography

Image: Campbell Photography

Captured: Rich , Rugged and Fresh. Hosted by Artistslegup

Group Exhibition by members of the Belfast Bankers studio group
Guest curator: Sally O'Dowd

‘Captured: Rich, rugged and fresh – The landscape of Ireland as depicted by three Belfast-based artists’ is a visual art exhibition of paintings and photography selected for their contemporary representation of Ireland’s landscape. Witness seaside vistas of County Wexford, irregularities of a city, and the overwhelming vividness and freshness of the colour green.  
The wilds of a raging Irish sea. The graffiti tagged walls of Belfast. A lush forest. These artistic depictions convey the experience and memory of Ireland’s built and natural environments, the human interactions of past and present, and our ever changing earthly surroundings. 
The three artists showcasing work are Esther O’Kelly, Jonny McEwen, and Neal Campbell. The exhibition has been curated by Sally O’Dowd. All four are members of Belfast Bankers. This exhibition will make public for the first time new art made in the Belfast Bankers studio this year.


Hit The East

We had an absolute blast painting the alleys of East Belfast this weekend, such a privilege to be involved and in such esteemed company as South African Artist Falko one.

Hit The East on August 5th

I will be one of the artists taking part in Hit the East, Street Art Festival.

This year as part of Eastside Arts Festival Seedhead Arts and the Community Arts Partnership are delighted to be bringing their successful street art festival Hit the North over the river and up east.

International Artists Falco (South Africa) and Dreph (London) will be joined by the cream of Northern Irish talent and will transform streets and alleyways around the Holywood Arches. Street Artists such as KVLR, DMC, Emic, Verz and Tweet will be joined by other artists from the Bank and beautiful things are sure to happen.

We’ll be based in and around the Bank at 432 Newtownads Road so call in there and we’ll tell you where everything is.

Hit the North is a project of the Community Arts Partnership who work with Seedhead Arts to deliver the project. It is made possible thanks to the support of Becks, Belfast City Council, Arts & Business, Community Relations Council and the Dept of Communities. Hit the North is also only made possible with the support of HSS, Ink Monkey, The Black Box, The Sunflower, Aether & Echo and a long list of artists and individuals.